The air conditioning appliances in the modern market are built to provide long-term service after installation in the home. However, these appliances are not infallible, so they can break down due to eventual wear or even unexpected impact. Accidents are unexpected and often out of your control, but you can regulate the rate of natural wear on the air conditioner. In simple terms, you can extend the operational life of your unit through maintenance and care. Here are some guidelines on to get you started on preventing premature AC breakdown.

Clear the Outdoor Component

There is an outdoor unit attached to the air handling units inside your home. This component is known as a condenser, and it is critical in the operation of the entire appliance. Basically, the condenser is designed to cool the refrigerant liquid which absorbs heat from the air flowing into your space. You should keep the outdoor unit clear from any obstacles for efficient cooling. If it is blocked by tall grass, trees or shrubs, the unit will have to work harder to cool the fluid. Moreover, you should periodically clean the condenser to promote performance. Remove leaves and debris from the grills and wipe the grime and dust on the surfaces.

Replace the Filters

There are filters installed in air conditioning units, and these are critical in promoting better air quality in your interior space. Unfortunately, these elements will accumulate dirt over time, which will compromise the quality of your air. Moreover, the pores in the filters will become blocked, restricting the flow of air. This can contribute to the accelerated deterioration of the appliance because the internal motor will have to work harder in order to keep the air flow consistent. Therefore, it is important to remove your old filter and install new ones regularly. There are some air conditioners that have cleanable alternatives which can be reused. Check your owner's manual to determine the best care regimen for your AC filtration system.

Promote Efficient Airflow

Your air conditioner can have restricted airflow, even when the filters are clear. The air moves through many channels which can compromise the consistency of the flow. You should ensure that the vents and cold air returns are free from blockages. You should have a technician check the ductwork for structural integrity and performance. Leaking ducts will force the system to work harder, so an air conditioning repair service person can check for air losses and perform repairs. If you suspect that the ducts are significantly dirty, you can engage a cleaning service.