A refrigerated cabinet is typically a bit different than an actual refrigerator or a refrigerated display case, in that cabinets are usually smaller and may also be mobile. They may offer prep space on the top for preparing fresh items for customers, or for use as a bar area. If you need refrigerated cabinets for your business, note a few tips for choosing the best type for your needs so you know you're happy with it for years to come.


If the refrigerated cabinet is going to be used in a bar area, you may not think much of the display or area that is open to customers. However, if your cabinet has a large display area with lots of space, this can encourage customers to buy your product. Even for a bar area, a display of all the beers and wines you have available can compel customers to buy. For a food prep space, seeing the fresh fruits or other ingredients you have in the refrigerator can also compel customers to buy a smoothie, milkshake, and the like. Unless you know the cabinet will be located out of the sight of customers, note the size of the window display and invest in something that makes it easy for customers to see what's available.


Don't assume you can add shelving very easily to a refrigerated cabinet once you've purchased it, as you would with your cabinets or refrigerator at home. You may need to have food-grade accessories inside your refrigerated cabinet, and the stand-alone shelves meant for use at home may not easily fit your commercial cabinet. Invest in a model with all the shelving you need already installed, and if you think your use of the cabinet might change over time, or you will use the cabinet for different types of storage, choose one with removable or adjustable shelves.


Even if you use a refrigerated cabinet in the daytime to hold beers or for food storage when preparing fresh items for customers, you may still want more lighting inside. This can help you to quickly and easily see any ingredients that need replenishing and can also ensure your customers see what's in the cabinet. This lighting should extend all the way to the back to make items in the back of the cabinet visible, and you may also want to control the lighting so you can dim it when using the cabinet after dark, when the inside light might otherwise seem too bright.